Ensar Basri Kahveci

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Posted at — Jun 16, 2019


My name is Ensar Basri Kahveci. I am a distributed systems engineer. I live in Ankara and work remotely for Hazelcast.

I have a passion and hands-on experience for distributed systems building. I have grasped the theoretical foundation of distributed systems and developed a “distributed thinking” approach. I conduct independent research and turn research results into top-class engineering solutions. I own the design, implementation and verification phases, and leverage the industry-standard techniques, frameworks and methodologies. I also have a keen eye for revealing problems on existing system designs, and I take initiative to propose and implement improvements.

I am mostly involved with distributed systems related aspects of Hazelcast, and work on very core parts, such as cluster management, data partitioning, replication, consistency models, failure handling, etc. Recently, I have co-architected and co-engineered the CP Subsystem module of Hazelcast IMDG 3.12. We implemented the Raft consensus algorithm and built linearizable distributed versions of the JDK’s concurrency primitives on top of it. We wrote our own Jepsen tests for those new implementations as well. Our Raft implementation is listed on the Raft website. I write blog posts about this new solution on the Hazelcast website and publish those posts here as well.

I also give public talks at international conferences and meetups. Please feel free to contact me if you want to invite me to your conference or meetup.

Follow me on twitter for my random musings, check out my github profile to see my projects, or visit my Linkedin profile for more information about my career.

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